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Top Five Tourist Hot Spots In Philadelphia

Posted on 02 June 2018 by admin (0)


If you really want to find out what being an American really is, many people say that Philadelphia, aka ‘Philly’, is the best place to visit. Philadelphia is located between Boston and Washington DC and not far from Toronto, which is another popular city on our list to visit. The city of Philadelphia is at the very southeast of the state of Pennsylvania, extending along the Delaware River and is joined by the Schuylkill River. The city in the Atlantic region contains a lot of history that Americans are really proud of.

Philadelphia gained the epithet “Cradle of the Nation” due to its long history that shaped the American culture. Its tourist hot spots are proof of that culture that you will surely crave to explore as you travel here. Even locals and people from nearby states agree that Philadelphia is the leading cultural centre of the United States. So be sure to list down and visit these top five never-miss tourist hot spots in Philly, brought to you by Always Preferred Restoration in Missoula Montana, whose owners travel to this wonderful city often.

The Liberty Bell

History is one of the most remarkable things to visit when traveling. That’s why you should get a glimpse of a place’s past upon arrival or before you depart. The Liberty Bell is a most popular icon that helped in shaping the American history and culture. It is treated as the symbol of freedom and independence in the United States, besides the Statue of Liberty in New York.

This was made in the 19th century in propagating freedom among the divisions created by the Civil War. The Bell was toured all around the country until it completed its long journey in the city of Philadelphia – where it is now resting.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Museum became famous when it was used in the film Rocky, where Sylvester Stallone climbed the museum’s long stairway towards its entrance. It has a wide range of historical art as it boasts a medieval gallery, works from the Baroque Period, and even Renaissance Era artworks.

These are centuries-worth of art (ranging up to the 20th century artworks) made by popular artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Paul Klee, Monet, van Eyck Brothers, Manet, Degas, Miro, Matisse, and many more.

City Center

Philadelphia is known to be very interesting and eye-catching due to the beauty of the structures and the locations that’s well-built in the city. The City Center is known to be one of the best tourist hot spots of the city as it houses the City Hall which was designed based on Gothic tower structures. You can also go and visit Broad Street for a nice place to relax and take a walk alone or with your travel buddies.

There are also more historical sites and museums that you can visit here in the center of the city. You can visit the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Civil War Library and Museum, Historic National Park, and the African-American Museum. There are also famous landmarks in the City Center such as the Masonic Temple and its very own Chinatown.

You might want to spend one ‘bonus’ day just to make a whole-day tour here in the City Center!

Fort Miffin

Forts are one of the best places to visit when touring around the city, as these places show war-torn stories of the past. Nowadays, these places become historical museums filled with various happenings around Philly during the 1700s, not just stories of the fort when it was active.

Fort Miffin is found near the Schuylkill Junction and Delaware Rivers. It was used during the War of Independence. Being built by the British Army, the Patriots were able to capture the fort to defend Philadelphia from the British’s counterattacks. This place is on the National Register of Historic Buildings.

Fairmount Park

This is a park with an amazing ambiance! Fairmount Park houses more museums such as the Rodin Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art. It also has a lot of attractions such as the gardens, picnic groves, swimming pools, the Japanese House and Garden, tennis, baseball and basketball courts,  hiking trails, and many more! There are also areas around the park where you can see a stunning view of Philadelphia’s City Skyline.

Fairmount Park is located along the Schuykill River and Wissachikon Creek.

These are just some of the areas around Philadelphia which are known to be loved by locals and travelers alike. Note that some of the places that we mentioned contain more attractions in and near the top tourist hot spots. So if you wish to visit this truly wonderful and culture-rich city, Philly is the best place to go.