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Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Valencia, Spain

Posted on 07 May 2018 by admin (0)

visiting Valencia Spain


One of the greatest cities in Spain and may be in the whole Europe is Valencia. The city offers a lot of things that you can do there with its old center, little streets and splendid medieval buildings. The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy the beaches and the food as Valencia is the home of the most famous Spanish dish; paella.

The city does not depend only on history, beaches and food but also on modern attractions like the City of the Arts and Sciences.
Let’s explore the best tourist attractions in Valencia.

1. City of the Arts and Sciences:

This place is so amazing that it will make you surprised no matter how many things you have seen through your life.

The place was founded in the mid-90s and it was completed in 2005. The place is always crowded so you need to book before going. You will be surprised by the venues of culture and attractions that belong to the first-class family like L’Hemisfèric, a planetarium and IMAX Cinema. There is also L’Umbracle which is a collection of plant species that only grow in Valencia.

2. Oceanogràfic:

In 2003, this star of the City of the Arts and Sciences was opened. It is the largest attraction in Europe regarding animals as it has about 45,000 individual animals from about 500 different species.

The place is formed of 10 different zones; each zone has a different and distinct environment. The place is using real seawater which is pumped into the aquarium from the waterfront of Valencia. Imagine watching beluga whales swimming in front of you in a spacious and well-designed tank; it is amazing.

You will also see sand tiger sharks, dolphins, sea lions and penguins. It is a place that you will fall in love with.

3. La Lonja de la Seda:

This place belongs to the UNESCO now. It was built in the late 15th century and is considered one of the most iconic gothic architectures in Valencia and in Europe. Valencia was once a main center of trade, culture and art in Europe; La Lonja de la Seda is a witness on that.

In English, la Lonja de la Seda means Silk Exchange as the place was the meeting point between traders.

4. Valencia Cathedral:

The gothic cathedral of the city which was built during the 13th century is like a museum that contains some of the greatest paintings. A lot of renaissance, baroque and neoclassical modifications were made through the years but the place is still as historical as it was.

The most fascinating part of the cathedral is the Chapel of the Holy Chalice where you can find at the altar some chalices that are claimed to be used by Jesus himself to form the Holy Eucharist at the last supper.

Valencia is one of the cities that everyone should plan to visit. It is a great cultural and historical city that offers countless things to do so before going, go through all the details of the city and decide what you will do there. Have a nice journey.

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