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Top 4 Tourist attractions In Alexandria

Posted on 21 May 2018 by admin (0)



The city that was founded by Alexander the Great should be visited by everyone who loves history. Queen Cleopatra lived there and made it as the capital of her empire. The Great Library of Alexandria, the colossal Pharos Lighthouse and many other landmarks are witnesses that this is one of the greatest cities ever built.

From 1850 to 1950, Alexandria was the home for poets, writers, and many other bohemian artists who converted the city into pure art. If you want to spend a warm, lovely, Egyptian, romantic night, you will not find a place in the whole world like Alexandria. Let’s explore the most significant places you should visit in Alexandria.

1. Bibliotheca Alexandrina:
It is located on Corniche, Shatby. Bibliotheca Alexandria is built in order to reimagine the ancient Great Library of Alexandria. Its design is gorgeous. It is considered one of the greatest cultural centers in the world as it has some museums in addition to one of the greatest libraries in the world. Its exterior design is a giant sun desk over the waterfront Corniche while its interior includes a huge reading room. You can explore some of the most beautiful exhibitions underneath the main library.

There is The Manuscript Museum which includes a collection of ancient texts and The Antiquities Museum which has collections of the Greek and the Roman eras. Other collections are the rotating art collection, the Science Museum and permanent Egyptian folk art collection.

2. Alexandria National Museum:
This museum is located at Tariq al-Horreya Street and you must visit it if you want to know more about the history of this great city. Alexandria National Museum has some of the greatest collections. You will find collections that belong to the pharos, collections that belong to the Ptolemy era, collections that belong to the Byzantine era and collections that belong to the Islamic era. There is a map that shows the ancient city of Alexandria in addition to displays, antiquities and statuary.

You will feel like history is alive in this museum.

3. Fort Qaitbey:

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world which is the Pharos Lighthouse was located at this place. The fort might not be as great as the lighthouse but since 1480, this fort has been guarding the eastern harbor of Alexandria.

The Fort that was built by Sultan Qaitbey was meant to stop the attacks that come from the Mediterranean Sea. You will find remnants of the cannons that were used. Walk along the Corniche heading west and you will notice it from far away.

Climb up to the rood of the fort and look over the sea; it is one of the most beautiful views that you will ever see.

4. Kom el-Dikka:
This place was discovered by accident while the Egyptian government was making a way for new housing. It has a small roman theatre, some remnants of the Ptolemaic temple in addition to mosaic flooring that indicates how wealthy the Romans were. It is located at Yousri Street.