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The Best Guide to Lisbon: Visiting Tips & Top Attractions

Posted on 30 April 2018 by admin (0)

Lisbon Portugal


One of the most attractive destinations in Europe is Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is a must-visit city. It is located on a series of hills on the River Tagus which makes the city linked to the sea in a wonderful way.

The city of Lisbon is cheerful, colorful and warm. Its weather is beautiful nearly all the year, its museums are world-class and you will find a lot to do there.
Don’t explore the city as if you are a stranger. Go there as if the city is your hometown and you will notice how welcoming and charming this city is.
Now, let’s explore the top 4 attractions that you must visit there.

1. Castelo de São Jorge:
This is an iconic landmark in the whole Europe. The castle overlooks the city of Lisbon as it is located on the crown of a hill. It has great museums and great historical sites which make the whole experience of visiting it outstanding. Kids really enjoy themselves there when they clamber the walls. You will have great photos there too.

The history of the castle is great too. You will know a lot of information about the Moors and the Christian invasion.
From there, you will be able to see the amazing views of River Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean too.

2. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos:
Another must-visit destination in Lisbon is this great landmark. It was built in the 16th century and with its wonderful monuments, it deserved the UNESCO World Heritage Site accolade.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos gains its importance as a symbol of how the discovery age was great and wealthy. After finishing your visit there, you will find the riverfront in Lisbon’s attractive Belém neighborhood and the monastery which are worth visiting too.

3. Oceanário de Lisboa:
Among all the aquariums in Europe and in the world, Oceanário de Lisboa is considered one of the finest and largest. Peter Chermayeff designed it basically for the Expo 98 World Exposition.

It is not only the home for many kinds of fish and marine animals but also birds. You will find creatures and landscapes that belong to the 4 oceans there. The place is kid-friendly. Actually, kids love watching the different types of fish including sleek sharks and bulbous sunfish. The aquarium is designed in a way that allows close-up look of the sea world.

The popular tourist attraction will be a great fun for you and your family during your visit.

4. Torre de Belém:

The historic tower that is located near the River Tagus is another symbol of the golden age of discovery. The beginning of its constructions started in 1515 and finished in 1521. The decorative Manueline designed it and it is considered his biggest contribution to archaeology.
The iconic monument in Lisbon is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While your visit, you will notice how interesting the second floor is. You will find the Chamber of The King there.
The tower features some of the best views you will ever see especially the views of the river.