Hiking in the Mountains: What to Bring

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hiking in the mountains

When hiking, there are numerous times where first-time hikers tend to fail on the things that they bring when they go up the mountains. But don’t worry if you had a mistake back when you had your first climb or if you keep on feeling that you left something at home when you went hiking. Bringing inadequate or wrong things during your hike is a normal thing because we’re not that familiar when it comes to the environment.


Top Five Tourist Hot Spots In Philadelphia

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If you really want to find out what being an American really is, many people say that Philadelphia, aka ‘Philly’, is the best place to visit. Philadelphia is located between Boston and Washington DC and not far from Toronto, which is another popular city on our list to visit. The city of Philadelphia is at the very southeast of the state of Pennsylvania, extending along the Delaware River and is joined by the Schuylkill River. The city in the Atlantic region contains a lot of history that Americans are really proud of.

Philadelphia gained the epithet “Cradle of the Nation” due to its long history that shaped the American culture. Its tourist hot spots are proof of that culture that you will surely crave to explore as you travel here. Even locals and people from nearby states agree that Philadelphia is the leading cultural centre of the United States. So be sure to list down and visit these top five never-miss tourist hot spots in Philly, brought to you by Always Preferred Restoration in Missoula Montana, whose owners travel to this wonderful city often.


Top Tourist Tips for Visiting Prague

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These tips are not just useful to make your trip to Prague easier; they will help you a lot while planning for the trip itself. The capital of Czech Republic and its largest city is considered the historical capital of Bohemia.

Let’s go straight to the tips.

1. How to Reach Prague

There are many ways to reach Prague and we collected some of them to you.

• If you are in Vienna or Berlin, take the train. It takes about 5 hours and you will reach Prague.
• If you are in Munich, take the bus. It also takes 5 hours.
• Flying to Prague is cheap generally. Just choose

2. Plan Your Time Well:

You will find a lot of places to visit and a lot of things that must be done in Prague and without planning well for your visit, your visit will not have as much fun as when you have priorities.

We will provide you with some itineraries to help you here. The sites are close to each other so even if you are going to stay there for one day, there are many things you can do.

3. Itineraries for Prague:

• One-Day Visit:
The historic old town of Prague is the most common destination for those who will spend just one day there. The whole town can be seen within one day if you began your day early.
If you moved faster, you can visit the St Charles Bridge too.

• Two-Days Visit:
Now you will have a plenty of time to wander at the Jewish Quarter and Lesser Town where Prague Castle in addition to the historic old town of Prague.

• Three-Days Visit:
Now you will have a third day. In addition to the previous program, you can visit the following places.

1. Wenceslas Square.
2. The Dancing House.
3. The Petrin Tower.

Or you can visit Kutna Hora Bone Church, Karlštejn Castle, Karlovy Vary, or Saxon Switzerland National Park and other places just outside the city.

• Four-Days Visit:
Now, this is the best itinerary because you will be able to visit additional historic places and go for the trip outside Prague too.

4. Language Tips:

Before going to a country that you have no idea about its language, you need to learn some words to make your life easier there. You should be able to communicate with the people there through the following phrases. We will mention the word in English, in Czech, then how to say the words in English.

• Hello is Ahoj in Czech and spelled as AH-hoy.
• Good Morning is Dobrý ráno in Czech and spelled as Doe-bree RAHH-noh.
• Good Day is Dobrý den in Czech and spelled as Doe-bree den.
• Good Evening is Dobrý Noc in Czech and spelled as Doe-bree noht.
• Goodbye is Ahoj in Czech and spelled as AH-hoy.
• Thank You is Děkuji in Czech and spelled as Dya-koo-yee.
• You’re Welcome is Rádo se stalo in Czech and spelled as Raado seh stu-lo
• Please is Prosím in Czech and spelled as PRO-seem

Top 4 Tourist attractions In Alexandria

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The city that was founded by Alexander the Great should be visited by everyone who loves history. Queen Cleopatra lived there and made it as the capital of her empire. The Great Library of Alexandria, the colossal Pharos Lighthouse and many other landmarks are witnesses that this is one of the greatest cities ever built.

From 1850 to 1950, Alexandria was the home for poets, writers, and many other bohemian artists who converted the city into pure art. If you want to spend a warm, lovely, Egyptian, romantic night, you will not find a place in the whole world like Alexandria. Let’s explore the most significant places you should visit in Alexandria.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Venice, Italy

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Venice Italy


Venice is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the whole world. The historic buildings, the amazing canals, the small islands and the bridges make it one of the loveliest places on Earth. If you are planning to spend some time there, we will help you with these tips in order to make your trip easier. 

1. The Ferries:
The price of the ferries is good. The trip takes about an hour including the switches time and you can either have a ticket for the ticket machines or from the ferry itself when you are onboard. If you didn’t buy a ticket, once you get onboard try to get one to avoid being charged.

When you buy a ticket from the machine, you will need to validate it at the water taxi stop by running it via the machine there.
If you really love the ferries and enjoy them, buy Venice’s all-inclusive transport pass.

2. The Hotel:

It is better if you booked a hotel near a water taxi stop. It is also better if you stayed more than one day there to be able to enjoy the whole city.
Even if you will spend a day there, it is better to book a room. It is so tiring to walk around with your luggage in Venice.
The prices of the hotels are fair but they increase during summer so take care of this point.

3. The Outer Islands:
If you want to take some of the most amazing pictures you will ever take, just go on the outer islands. Burano and Murano are among the islands that must be visited during your trip. Have an unforgettable lunch there. One of the most amazing meals is the Italian fish Gatto Nero on Burano Island.
If you want to enjoy the beach, go to Lido Island.

4. Restaurants of the Locals:
Before going there, research for the best restaurants in Venice especially the ones that are popular among the Italians; these should be on your top list. There are some apps and websites that can help you like Yelp. You also should ask the native Italians for their favorite restaurants and they will tell you where you should have your meals to enjoy the Italian cuisine.

5. Even Maps May Get You Lost:
Venice is the kind of cities that you will definitely get lost there; it is inevitable. You should be prepared to get lost there by knowing some information about the city, the hotels, the restaurants and the transportation. Always ask Italians about the directions and try to mark the road all the time.

6. The Top Tourist Sites:
The following list includes the places that you must visit in Venice.

• Piazza San Marco.
• Riva Degli Schiavoni.
• Bridge of Sighs.
• Campanile di San Marco.
• Cannaregio, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, and other places outside Venice are also worth visiting. They are not as famous as the previous places but you will really enjoy your time there.